The current program is aimed at the cull cow/bull market

Application process

  • Submit an application: this can be done via our website application or you can request an emailed form to complete

  • Be approved by True North Foods. This may include an on-farm visit/audit.

Program Criteria

1) Forage Based Diet:

  • On pasture during the growing season.
  • Winter feeding can include, tame or wild hay/silage, greenfeed/cereal silage, provided they were cut in the milk or soft dough stage.
  • There is an allowance for a small amount of grain, defined as no more than 5 lbs/day for no more than 45 days/year. This is to compensate for poor weather conditions. NOTE: Grazing standing corn or the feeding of corn silage will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to calculate the amount of starch fed. (Feed tests will be required) If you are unsure if you ration/program would qualify, feel free to contact us for clarification.

2) Animal Welfare:

  • Space: Ample space, primarily fed on the range or pasture. Pen feeding is allowed, but we would be looking at pen density and available bunk space.
  • Safety: What is done to prevent slipping during loading/processing? How do you manage extremely cold or hot weather events? NOTE: Electric prod use is strongly discouraged. We understand that it may be used occasionally but ask producers to confirm that usage is greatly limited.

3) Traceability via CCIA/RFID tags:

Tracking these animals via CCIA/RFID tags from:

  • The plant back to your farm, and,
  • The duration in your care. Being able to prove age and farm of origin.
  • Signed affidavit that accompanies your cattle to True North Foods, confirming that the cattle being delivered meet the specifications of our program.

We are offering a premium to producers for cattle delivered under this program. The premium is based on the rail grade price offered by True North Foods. Please contact for pricing.




Grassfed Inquiries

Grassfed Inquiries
Trevor Frattinger
Grass Fed Beef Program Auditor
Box 1259 Carman, Manitoba Canada R0G 0J0
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