The current program is aimed at the cull cow/bull market

Application process

  • Submit an application: this can be done via our website application or you can request an emailed form to complete

  • Be approved by True North Foods. This may include an on-farm visit/audit.

Program Criteria

1) Forage Based Diet:

  • On pasture during the growing season.
  • Winter feeding can include, tame or wild hay/silage, greenfeed/cereal silage, provided they were cut in the milk or soft dough stage.
  • There is an allowance for a small amount of grain, defined as no more than 5 lbs/day for no more than 45 days/year. This is to compensate for poor weather conditions.
    NOTE: Grazing standing corn or the feeding of corn silage will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to calculate the amount of starch fed. (Feed tests will be required)
    If you are unsure if you ration/program would qualify, feel free to contact us for clarification.

2) Animal Welfare:

  • Space: Ample space, primarily fed on the range or pasture. Pen feeding is allowed, but we would be looking at pen density and available bunk space.
  • Safety: What is done to prevent slipping during loading/processing? How do you manage extremely cold or hot weather events?
    NOTE: Electric prod use is strongly discouraged. We understand that it may be used occasionally but ask producers to confirm that usage is greatly limited.

3) Traceability via CCIA/RFID tags:

Tracking these animals via CCIA/RFID tags from:

  • The plant back to your farm, and,
  • The duration in your care. Being able to prove age and farm of origin.
  • Signed affidavit that accompanies your cattle to True North Foods, confirming that the cattle being delivered meet the specifications of our program.

We are offering a premium to producers for cattle delivered under this program. The premium is $0.20 above current market bid based on the rail grade price offered by True North Foods.




Grassfed Inquiries

Grassfed Inquiries
Duane Vaags
Grass Fed Beef Program Auditor
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  • p 204-791-5010

Box 1259 Carman, Manitoba Canada R0G 0J0
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