Built by Manitobans for Manitobans

We are proud of what we have developed, which allows us to offer our best to local producers, distributors, and retailers within Manitoba and beyond our borders.


Driven by a desire to re-establish federally-certified beef processing capacity in the province of Manitoba, our founder, Calvin Vaags, a producer from Dugald, Manitoba, and former owner of a provincially-certified processing facility, teamed with Manitoba-based entrepreneurs to finance and establish True North Foods.

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After years of design and planning we broke ground on our state-of-the-art facility in January 2013.


Completed construction and commenced operation in the summer of 2014, operating under our previous provincial license.


Obtained our federal certification and license in the fall of 2015.


Grind line acquired


EU Certification obtained

Manitoba’s only federally-certified
ruminant processing facility

Recognizing opportunities to work with independent producers of ruminant species, and seeing changes in consumer demands for specialty meats, we recognized that an opportunity existed for a smaller-scale processing plant in Manitoba.

Our Story

Strong Local Ownership
and Management

This plant was built for Manitobans by Manitobans. With a CEO who has spent a lifetime producing cattle and who has also stood at the butcher counter serving consumers looking to feed their families, we understand this business. Our capital partners are deeply rooted in this province and proud of what we have established. We have combined our talents and resources to offer our best to prairie producers looking to reach broader markets and to distributors and retailers locally and around the world who have a desire for quality Canadian meats.

Commitment to Quality
and Food Safety

With our innovative plant design and high-tech traceability system, we are able to provide customers with greater certainty of the safety of our product as well as ensure that they are getting the quality they expect in every box.


With our state-of-the-art traceability system and smaller volumes we are an ideal link between producers of sustainably-produced animals, and distributors and retailers looking to meet the increasing sustainability demands of consumers. Additionally, our location offers proximity to market for finished goods as well as proximity to livestock. Reduced transportation requirements for livestock is an improvement for animal welfare, and reduced transit for finished goods means lower greenhouse gas emissions.


General Inquiries

General Inquiries
Jackie Tweed
Administrative Assistant


Located in rural Manitoba, 6 km north of the town of Carman, yet only 70km southwest of Winnipeg, we offer proximity to producers and consumers alike.